Sterling Silver Silk Stone Nests

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Silk Stone is nestled in a nest of hand wrapped Sterling Silver wire. The lines of Silk Stone are Nature's art - each stone looks like an abstract painting.

These studs are a simple but elegant way to wear stones from the earth.

About Black Silk Stone

Black Silk Stone is an Onyx Marble with a beautiful, silky-smooth surface and satin finish. It features black banding that wraps around a grey-to-white background.

The Romans were experts at glyptography (the carving of layered stones to reveal different colors) and crafted beautiful seals from Onyx (white layer over black base) and Sardonyx (white layer over reddish-brown base). The patterns were cut in negative relief. Engravings with a negative picture are called intaglios and those with raised image are cameos. 

NOTE: Silk Stone can be safely cleaned with cool water and a mild soap. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Be sure it is dry before storing or wearing. it should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals (they can seep in and alter the color of the stone), steamers or ultrasonic cleaners. Even mild detergents are not recommended.

Metaphysical Properties

Black Silk Stone is a nurturing gemstone. The gemstone is believed to enhance patience and clear thinking. Silk Stone is also thought to promote self-control and inner tranquility.

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